Episode 2

The Framework – An approach

to medicine and patient care

Feb 5, 2020

 On the first episode of Match on a Fire, we focused on the number 86,400 but today, we are talking about the number 3: 3 big pillars needed to work in the emergency medicine and EMS field and 3 avenues to treat your patients. We also use multiple examples to show how these pillars and avenues are used in the field. 


Hosts & Guests

Shannon Sovndal, MD

Stephanie Sovndal, F-PC/FF




About This Episode

We are not academic-centered. We aren’t affiliated with any hospital or any education center. These stories and our knowledge is based on our 20+ years in the medical field. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about things we’ve said or topics you want to discuss, please send us an email. 


“Not only do we want to provoke some thought on the profession of emergency medicine and EMS but we also want to give you some clinical knowledge-base.” – Shannon

“When we do emergency medicine–when we do EMS–it can get really hectic. It can get really crazy. You need a way to calm your brain so you can think through the problem.” – Shannon

“You gotta know your limits and then you have to respect those limits. Right? You gotta say, ‘I know that’s a limitation. I’m going to respect that and I’m going to work on that one.’” – Steph


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